I believe the future of fashion couldn’t be brighter with so many incredible innovators, visionaries and change makers out there right now challenging the old-fashioned fashion industry. These future forward thinkers can and will make the world better. With sustainability in mind, fashion can be a force for good.

Sustainability in fashion should not be a constraint. It offers endless possibilities. There is great opportunity to create value for any business. Work should be meaningful and whatever is the role, there is a chance to create positive change. For changes to take affect for future generations, we need to educate ourselves on sustainability. There is no future without it. Environmental and social justice must be considered when talking about sustainability in fashion.

The priorities for fashion’s future should be based upon sustainable materials, a circular fashion model with zero waste, better wage systems, supply chain traceability and fair trade, efficient use of water, respectful and secure work environments, reversing climate change, affects to eco-systems and animal welfare, regenerative agriculture, and natural, non-toxic dyes for cleaner air & water.

When considering fashion and sustainability, here are some things to look forward to –

🌿 PLANT-BASED FABRICS & NON-TOXIC DYES: good for the planet and people. Companies like BOLT THREADS are creating plant-based materials such as MYLO UN-LEATHER made from mycelium (mushrooms!). It looks and feels like leather, is bio-degradable and is completely plant-based. Non-toxic dyes that are plant-based such as ginger or mushroom used by MATE THE LABEL in their comfy organic cotton apparel feels better next to your skin and better for the planet!


💫 MODERN ARTISANS: reworking vintage and thinking outside the box: respecting the makers. Artists and creatives taking fashion to the next level. Companies like LOTI and SELINA SANDERS. These designers rework vintage clothes and use upcycled materials making something new and original. This keeps clothes in circulation (circular economy), out of landfills and creates new and gorgeous ones!


♻️ REPAIR/ REWEAR: longer life cycle of clothes and accessories, keeping them from landfills. GOODS & SERVICES is a very cool, unique shoe repair studio in Los Angeles that takes your worn, ripped shoes and sneakers and mends them to look like new.

SUSTAINABILITY MINDSET: love your clothes! Appreciating where the clothes come from – knowing the intricate process, educating yourself.

🌿 MINIMALIST APPROACH to fashion: only buy what you need – end of extreme consumerism. Option to rent or borrow for special occasions.

💚 SEASON-LESS and GENDER-LESS design, Size inclusive.


To all the future designers and creatives out there, I recommend you ‘find your purpose’. Make sure you take a class in sustainability in design or in fashion. Know that your actions can affect the entire chain of production from start to finish. Be thoughtful. Time to think outside the box!

Stay stylish & sustainable!

Xoxo A Sustainable Love 💚

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

~ Mark Twain

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